php – Zend Framework Class Inheritance – Prefixed Modules


I'm developing a project in PHP with Zend Framework and I have the following problem:

I created a class called BaseController in my "Admin" module. I set the option:

resources.frontController.prefixDefaultModule = "true"

So my controller names are "Admin_IndexController", "Admin_UsuarioController" and so on.

I need "Admin_IndexController" to extend "Admin_BaseController" (a class also created by me) but I just get the message that the class was not found.

Obs.: I've tried to rename the class to "Admin_BaseController" or just "BaseController" or implement the code in "Admin_IndexController"

class Admin_IndexController extends Admin_BaseController 


class Admin_IndexController extends Basecontroller

and neither option solved the problem.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be?


That was missing:


In the controller that will inherit from BaseController.

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