Zabbix Docker Ansible


Hello dear experts!

There is a system: a server and ~ 200 hosts connected to it. There is a task to control the whole thing. In general, everything works out, Zabbix Agents are installed and various metrics come to the server, everyone is happy.

This scheme is implemented through Docker containers on the server side.

Everything is fine, but sometimes you need to make some adjustments, write a new UserParameter, or temporarily disable agents on certain hosts. Doing all this by hand is the work of the ATSkoy shutter.

I downloaded Docker Image Ansible (it was a revelation for me its size: ~ 2Gb)

Can you give me examples or how can you use Ansible to automate an existing workflow?

How to combine one with the other?

Huge sypastibo!


By the way, there are already ready-made solutions for deploying and supporting Zabbix server, Zabbix proxy and Zabbix agent. Links directly from the zabbix site. Here, for example, about the recipe for the Zabbix agent .

This is a role for installing and maintaining the zabbix-agent. It will install the Zabbix Agent on any host with an operating system that is defined here or will install a Docker container and start that.

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