javascript – YouTube videos do not open in full screen


Guys could, through some javascript, make a video on my site not open in full screen on iOS devices?

Because I'm using youtube as a music player and every time someone accesses it on iOS devices it opens the video in full screen. Follow my code with playsinline.

var buildPlayer = function(videoUrl)
     playerLoading = true;

     player = new YT.Player(attrs.container, {
         height: '200',
         width: '200',
         videoId: getIdFromUrl(videoUrl),
         playerVars: {
             enablejsapi: 1,
             playsinline: 1,
             html5: 1,
         events: {
             'onReady': onPlayerReady,
             'onStateChange': onStateChange


In the latest version of the youtube api, you can set the playsinline parameter to 1 , to find out more, take a look at the documentation:

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