нейронные-сети – Yandex Radio is a Neural Network or a Recommender System?


What is the principle behind Yandex Radio? Is it a Neural Network or a Recommender System?


What if you google?

quote from the Yandex blog for June 4, 2015

Yandex.Radio is based on the recommendation technology developed by Yandex. We named it Disco, partly in honor of the musical genre (Disco was first used in Yandex.Music), and partly in consonance with the English discovery – “the discovery of something new”, a word that very accurately reflects the essence of the technology. Disco takes into account your actions (the facts of listening and skipping tracks and liking and disliking), draws up a picture of musical preferences and, referring to it, determines what music to broadcast on the station.

Now let's go to our favorite wiki:

quote from a Wikipedia article about the Yandex.radio service

There is machine learning based on the listening history: the user can create his own radio station, which will be guided by his preferences.

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