c# – Xamarin Forms – a couple of questions about the license


  1. The manufacturer of Xamarin Forms does not have a representative office in Russia, so there is no one to sign the invoice, and in our company it is not done otherwise. Is it still possible to legally purchase Xamarin Forms by our company? (excluding paying with your private card)

  2. The new free version of Visual Studio 2015 Community includes Xamarin. But it is not clear whether this means that the use of this technology has become free? (sounds unlikely)


Visual Studio 2015 Community includes Xamarin Starter Edition .

Starter Edition is our free tier, which allows anyone to get a taste of mobile development in C# by writing small app * which can be deployed to devices and published to app stores.

According to the footnote there is a definition of small app:

Apps must meet size restrictions(128k of compiled C# or F# code), include only managed code (not Objective-C/Swift, Java, or C/C++ libraries), and use Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android, not Xamarin.Forms .

UPD: http://www.syssoft.ru/Xamarin/ – official reseller partner in Russia. They work with legal entities. They accept payment by bank transfer.

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