Work with Github and Bitbucket from one computer


I have a laptop with git 2.9.3 installed. There is an account on Github and Bitbucket , registered to the same e-mail.

  1. Can I push some projects to Github and others to Bitbucket ?
  2. And do I need additional settings when uploading to Bitbucket ?


"Population" (Sending files and changes from a local repository to a remote one) is done at the address that is specified in the remote of each local repository.

When you clone a repository from a remote server (Github or Bitbucket), a remote is installed in the repository with the name origin , which contains this address. With git push origin , files/changes will be sent to the remote repository with the specified address.

At the same time, nothing limits you in changing and adding other remote . Those. you can clone a Github repo, change the remote , and push to Bitbucket. Or vice versa. Or you can add another remote for k-l turnip and push to both Github and Bitbucket.

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