Why in PHP string can become a function?


In the example I have a function with the name of funcao , which aims only to display the value of the parameter on the screen.

When creating a string with the name of the function and calling it as a function, it will be executed:


function funcao($parametro = "default") {
    echo $parametro . "<br/>\n" ;

$func = "funcao"; 

$func = "FUNCAO";


See on Ideone

Why does it happen to be able to call the function as follows?


the same works with variable variables, the name is kind of strange, but it exists as in the example below:

$vara = "c";
$varb = "vara";
echo $$varb;


This happens because you can use the value of a variable to call functions, or access other variables, thus ensuring greater flexibility in the language.

How does PHP interpret the last line?

echo $$varb;

replaces the first variable with its value ($varb per rod);

echo $vara;

replaces the second variable with its value ($stick for c);

echo c;

and print the value on the screen

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