settimeout – Why doesn't the duration of the function execution increase?


for (j=1;j<=5;j ++)
        setTimeout(function(){console.log(i)}, j*500)

Interested in this particular piece of code, why does the delay not increase by 500 ms? I would be grateful if someone described how the function works.


You are essentially running five functions at the same time, i.e. your code is identical:

(function(i){setTimeout(function(){console.log(i)}, 1*500)})(1)
(function(i){setTimeout(function(){console.log(i)}, 2*500)})(2)
(function(i){setTimeout(function(){console.log(i)}, 3*500)})(3)
(function(i){setTimeout(function(){console.log(i)}, 4*500)})(4)
(function(i){setTimeout(function(){console.log(i)}, 5*500)})(5)

Which has the effect of printing five messages to the console at an interval of 500 milliseconds.

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