html – Why does Input Type Email validation accept dotted domains?


The input type[email] is intended to validate that the field is being filled in with a valid email address.

But several times I've been questioned in some projects about why this field accepts some types of e-mail that are apparently invalid.


   color: green;
   border-color: lightgreen;
<input type="email" value="wallace@dominio-sem-ponto-com" />

<input type="email" value="wallace@xx" />

<input type="email" value="" />

<input type="email" value="wallace" />

If you notice, none of the emails whose domain was without the ".com" or ".net" were marked as invalid.

Why does it happen?

Why was the email "wallace@dominio-sem-ponto-com" considered valid by the browser?

Is there any case where it would be valid to use a domain without the value after the dot ( .com , .net , etc) ?


validation occurs only on account of @, domain is actually a name, ex: tassio@domain , it would not necessarily need to be a sub domain (with dot), ex: , in what situations can this occur? Within an intranet, for example, or if or other registry bodies release the registration of primary domains, for example, you could register a domain " google ", to access the site you would only use http://google and an example of email would be contato@google .

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