Why does HTML accept an arbitrary string as color?


When running a page and putting in the value of the background color an arbitrary string such as "chucknorris" the background turns red. Why does this happen?

<body bgcolor="chucknorris">test</body>

Original question: Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?


Reference: Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?

If you have invalid characters in a color code that is written in hexadecimal notation, these characters are treated as 0. A hexadecimal number can contain the characters [0-9a-f] , any other characters found are replaced with 0 .

For chucknorris :

  • Replace invalid characters:
  • Fill with 0 until the number of characters is divisible by 3:
    c00c0000000 (11) → c00c 0000 0000 (12)
  • Format in RGB notation:
    rgb(c00c, 0000, 0000)
  • Truncate each value to two characters:
    rgb(c0, 00, 00)
  • Translate from hexadecimal to decimal:
    rgb(192, 0, 0) [ == #C00000]

The resulting color: red.

Other similar colors: crap , ninjaturtle , sick , grass .

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