c++builder – Which C++ compilers are currently up to date and what level of support do they have for the standard?


It is clear that gcc, microsoft visual c++, embarcadero c++ builder are being developed and new versions are being released. Sadly, Comeau seems to be in a coma (latest version is beta2 / October 6, 2008). But what is the situation with the rest? I haven’t heard about the same Whatcom for a long time, almost since it became OpenWatcom


The Intel Compiler is being actively developed. Watcom, apparently, is not developing, but it's a pity. As an alternative, gcc is a very fast growing Clang/LLVM with a number of advanced features. Stroustrup's page mentions a few more, but they seem to be out of the mainstream.

GCC and Clang support C++11 well (not fully yet, but work is going on, Clang is a bit ahead). Microsoft Visual C++ is slower, VS 2010 doesn't support the new standard very well yet (I don't know about 2012).

I have not met other compilers on the desktop; embedded has its own family (usually a language cut off in terms of functionality, without exceptions and complex template bells and whistles), but here I am not an expert.

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