c# – Where should a static class not associated with either Models or ViewModels be located?


I'm learning MVVM. After going through several toolkits, I settled on SimpleMVVM

With the toolkit itself in its basic basis, it seems to have figured out, but the question arose. There is an application that scans files of a certain type in a given directory, reads a description from each and creates the corresponding xml file. Then a selection is made from this xml-file according to the required parameters and displayed on the screen. At the moment, directory scanning is done as a static class with two methods:

public static class Scaner
    public static int NewScan() {...};
    public static int Rescan() {...};

In the future, it is planned to create another similar static class – a converter from one format to another.

The question is: where should these two classes be located if they do not belong to either Models or ViewModels (at least as far as I understand), and how to call them correctly?


If the project is small, you can place this class next to the class(es) where it is used. If the project is large, then, as a rule, it is divided into parts according to the area (for example, UI , TextProcessing , ImageProcessing , etc.), so you can take it into a separate subproject ( Scanning ).

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