intellij-idea – Where are the jars in IntelliJ IDEA when starting Tomcat if war is exploded?


I tomee to run the application on tomee . Artifact war in exploded mode, all exploded are erased from the lib folder – {project location} / target / {project name} / WEB-INF / lib. But the application continues to run anyway. The question remains where the application jars are located when running it on tomcat .


With this launch from IDEA itself, the project and library files remain in their places.

IDEA generates a very long startup string in which it defines:

  • application directory – in our case it is $ PROJECT_DIR $ / build / classes / artifacts / item_name
  • a list of libraries whose paths are taken from the project settings. If you have chosen to store them in a directory, then in $ PROJECT_DIR $ /. Idea / libraries you can see the data for all project libraries.

All of this is inserted into the java -jar ... startup line.

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