front-end – When to run e2e tests on your application?


I'm starting to run e2e (end-to-end) tests, specifically on Vuejs projects with Spectron and Nightwatch .

This question will not have code, because my doubt in this case is not with them, I'm managing to develop them theoretically well.

My question is for those who have greater knowledge and experience in testing on the front-end, to get better information on the following issues:

  1. When to perform a front-end test on a module of your application?
  2. Should the test cover all possible cases that exist in the module being tested? How, for example, to click all the buttons on the screen, and perform all the possible flows that the screen provides?

I looked it up on some sites, and asked several people, and the information given was very different from each other.

Some say that testing on the front-end should only cover the most important part of the system, for example, in the case of an e-commerce, there should only be automated tests on the front-end to make a purchase on the site, and the tests should only cover the " happy paths" .

For those who have an idea about the subject, opinion or knowledge, please it will be very welcome.

NOTE: If this is not the place for this type of question, you can inform me in the comments that I delete it without any problems. Thanks.


I think that the " When " to perform tests is something related to the need for the product. Thinking about productivity and testing assurance in a release, it's interesting to have this automated coverage. Even putting this in relation to cost and benefit, automation will provide you with greater scalability and consistency in what is done.

Now related to the coverage rate I've seen professionals stipulating coverage percentage on certain products. I believe that it would not be a good practice, thinking about evolution. I think that what your product's functionality is should be placed in this topic, not just the active paths. Adversity is part of every product in production, it is not always an expert who uses it.

These doubts are complicated, but that's what I think. Hope this helps!

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