When entering the session (login), it says that the password is not correct. Drupal 7 + uLogin (optional)


When entering the session (login), it says that the password is not correct, although it is 100% correct.

You can enter the account only by recovering your password.

In more detail and step by step:

  1. Create a user (login / password)> login (look at the hash, ok)
  2. Leave the session (hash does not change)
  3. Login (login / password)> "Invalid password" (I look at the hash, it has not changed)
  4. Password recovery> email with link> new password (see hash, everything is ok, changed) …
  5. Logout> Logout … everything is the same

In general, it seems that the hash for verification is considered incorrect, because the password is correct and it has not changed. Or maybe that's not the problem at all? Please tell me what could be the reason and where to dig?

Additionally: I use uLogin, but I turned it off to check it – the result is the same. By the way, when logging in via social. networks (where the password is not requested – everything is ok, the login is done without problems)


The first thing that comes to mind is to clear the browser cookies. Have you updated the engine? What version of the engine? There is also a moment, if the login form is custom, then check if the form contains <input name="form_id" type="hidden" value="user_login" > , without passing this parameter, it will throw out a similar execution.

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