c# – When do var templates make sense?


In C # 7.0, var templates appeared which, judging by the documentation, are always true and are needed to create a new variable with the same type and value.

I put in a test method, the thing really works.

private void TestPattern(object k)
    if (k is var test) Console.WriteLine("Result: " + test.GetType() + " " +  test);

However, I find it completely pointless. Moreover, the code, as for me, is terribly unreadable and not obvious.

So for what situations is this template actually needed?


This can be useful for introducing a temporary variable in an expression, for example :

public void VarPattern(IEnumerable<string> s)
    if (s.FirstOrDefault(o => o != null) is var v
        && int.TryParse(v, out var n))
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