sublimetext – What's the big difference between Sublime Text 2 and 3?

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I'm using Sublime Text 2, but I'd like to move to beta version 3 for a long time.

Is there anything big and bad about version 3 compared to 2? Also, is 3 unstable because it is β? Or is it durable enough to be used?

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I haven't used it very much, but as a personal impression,

I think the startup (until the window is displayed) is faster. I think this is because it started to load the plugin. (Because the atmosphere is loading when the console is opened immediately after starting)

After that, the bundled python version is 2.6 for Sublime Text 2, while Sublime Text (3) is bundled with python 3 series. The one I had was 3.3, but it may change in the future.
There may be cases where there is no plugin for 3 due to this, but in most cases I think that both are supported.

As an aside, although I bought a license personally, Sublime Text hasn't moved much recently, so Github (still an alpha version, but it can be used normally, and SJIS official support) and Adobe brackets (other than UTF8 are not yet supported). Is thinking about switching to ver 1 released). (Unfortunately neither is Python)


Fixed the above for the bundled version.

Another thing I remembered was that in 2, I think I could directly edit the Default settings file (settings, key-bindindings) to change the settings, but in 3, I can't do that, user. It is now forced to set in the definition file. You may be confused at first if you play with Default.

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