What you need to know to write for android in C ++?


Is it possible to write applications for android not in Java, but in C ++?

What do you need to study, install, etc. for this?


  • Install Android NDK
  • Read Articles
  • Study the examples that come with ndk.
  • Of course, learn C ++ and C. Like it or not, you will have to know them.
  • It will be more difficult to find a working device, it will be more difficult to use an emulator for this (you can also use an emulator, but there is no arm, and you will have to compile under x86 as well).
  • Install Linux or, in extreme cases, MacOS. Under Windows it is also possible, but somewhat more complicated. And in Linux, everything is quite easy. Especially after getting to know Linux 🙂
  • patience and English.
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