network – What word should I use to search for file: // used in the URI?

Question: Question:

I'd like to find out more about the file:// related information used in URIs, but even if I search for "file: //" on Google, I get only "file" information.

Example: Even if you search for "file: // executable file", the information on the executable file simply comes out.

What kind of search word can I use to find the right information?

I don't want to know the meaning of writing file:// . I know this is a companion such as https:// .

Answer: Answer:

Since file:// has the name file URI scheme, searching for "file URI scheme Honyara" or "file scheme Honyara" was better.

"File URI Honyara" and "file URL Honyara" may also appear to some extent, but depending on the content of "Honyara", there may be stories that are not related to the file scheme (example: If it is "file URI image", the page about the URI of the image file will be hit).

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