machine learning – What types or algorithms of blended learning are there?


Found a slide that says that learning methods in computer systems are divided into:

  1. Deductive or analytical learning (expert systems). There is knowledge formulated by an expert and somehow formalized. The program deduces concrete facts and new rules from these rules.
  2. Inductive learning (statistical learning). Based on empirical data, the program builds a general rule. Empirical data can be obtained by the program itself in previous sessions of its work, or simply presented to it.
  3. Combined training.

Please provide the types and algorithms of combined learning.


I found a pretty good description. And it (it seems) is done with the help of a manin rewriting. But you can also see the original. Selecting Machine Learning Algorithms Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Algorithms Cheat Sheet 04/25/2017 Reading time: 29 min

Briefly, with illustrations of graphs. Best.

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