c# – What to do with the file nameproject.v12.suo GIT


I have a project, I committed it and created a new branch, then worked in it and committed it again to return to the main branch. Then I returned to the main branch, in VS asked to press reload, I press, and then I write git status . Shows me that my file nameproject.v12.suo modified. The same thing happens when I go back to a new branch, again the project name is.v12.suo modified, that is, to switch between branches I have to add git commit --amend . What to do about it?


Add *.suo to .gitignore .

The .suo files contain the state of the open Visual Studio panels and the like that are only interesting on the local machine. They don't belong in the repository.

Here's a big list of what should be in .gitignore for Visual Studio projects: https://www.gitignore.io/api/visualstudio

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