laravel – What is the simplest way to do an IS NULL with Eloquent?


I saw tutorials on the internet that the way you had to make an IS NULL is as follows:

Remessa::where('campo', 'IS', DB::raw('NULL'))->get();

But I was wondering about this, because if an ORM is usually developed thinking about creating a way to query data that is compatible with all DBMSs.

Although it works, I believe that the form highlighted above is not essential.

With Eloquent , is there any method (other than the one highlighted above) that I can do a where doing the IS NULL or IS NOT NULL condition?

I think that this current way ends up getting repetitive.


Yes, there are two methods; one you can use for IS NULL and one for NOT NULL .

examples follow:

For IS NULL you can use


You can also do it in a way, where you can pass multiple IS NULL in a simpler way:

  Remessa::where(['campo' => NULL, 'usuario_id' => NULL])->get();

e para NOT NULL


To see the results that are generated by the queries, you can use the toSql method at the end to test.

 Remessa::where(['campo' => NULL])->toSql();

The output will be:

SELECT * FROM remessas where (campo IS NULL)
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