What is the operation that becomes copied in git status?

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What kind of operation does the status c (copied) displayed by git status -s described in the help of the above official document occur?

I wondered if it would happen if I duplicated the file,
I tried the following operations, but they did not occur.
1. Create file1 (contents are appropriate)
2.git add file1
3.git commit file1 -m'test'
4. Copy file1 to create file2
5.git add file2
6.git status -s

Since file2 is a copy of faile1, I thought it would be C (copied), but it was judged as A (added).

Answer: Answer:

In the same question of the English version SO, I told you in the comment that the copy cannot be detected by git-status and that the document is incorrect.

Thank you very much for your help.

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