mit-license – What is the meaning of the copyright notice when using MIT licensed software?

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Regarding the MIT license, the translation described in wikipedia

Anyone can handle this software for free and unlimitedly. However, the copyright notice and this license notice must appear on all reproductions or important parts of his software.

However, the "copyright notice" here means, for example, when RMagick is used in its own software, the license of RMagick,

Copyright © 2002-2009 by Timothy P. Hunter
Changes since Nov. 2009 copyright © by Benjamin Thomas and Omer Bar-or

Does that mean you need to put it somewhere in your software?
Or if you have a license for your software, for example, created by me (wakabayasi)

Copyright (c) [2016] [wakabayasi]
~ Full text of MIT license ~

Does that mean it needs to be listed somewhere in the software?

Answer: Answer:

It's the former.

The MIT license (Japanese reference translation) has the following description.

"The above copyright and license notices shall appear on all reproductions or important parts of the Software."

In other words, write the copyright notice of the original program somewhere.

MIT license Japanese translation

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