css – What is the license when using Bootstrap mixin?

Question: Question:

Bootstrap is partially available in mixins with LESS.

So, is it license-friendly to compile and distribute LESS that partially uses Bootstrap to CSS?

Also, if it can be distributed, what should the license notation be? Is it okay to list the Bootstrap license (MIT) as well as the license of my choice (eg Apache2)? I think the scope of the license is unclear, is that okay?

Answer: Answer:

Yes, compiling LESS with Bootstrap into CSS and distributing it is not a license issue. This library is MIT licensed, allowing processing and redistribution, different licenses for derivative works, and more.

There are several ways to redistribute it. For example, how about including the following files in your work to be redistributed?

  • Bootstrap source code including license notation
  • LICENSE file showing the license of your work

Is another way better? To give an example of another method, Ruby uses source code that requires a license notation, and the notation is described as a separate file (LEGAL) as follows.


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