What is the file naming and structuring system in a Python project?


I am learning Python and the task is to write a client and server to receive metrics. To fix and repeat the material, I decided to do a task in the git repository with commits.

12.01.2018  23:31                32 .gitignore
13.01.2018  11:59    <DIR>          .idea
13.01.2018  11:56    <DIR>          client
12.01.2018  22:55    <DIR>          env
12.01.2018  22:42                 0 README.md
12.01.2018  22:29                 0 requirements.txt
12.01.2018  22:46    <DIR>          server

In .gitignore added .idea and env /

I am interested in the file structure in a Python project. How to split the code into files and are there any standard filenames? Like the index file for the site.


install django-cookicutter and see analyze. In fact, a template for creating a project in jang / python is ready. In particular, take a look at application users.

hope it helps

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