javascript – What is the difference between $(this) and $(


Well, a question arose while I was working with jQuery and the code worked perfectly in Chrome using the $( , whereas in Firefox it only worked with $(this) , so this question arose. What is the main difference between them?

$(document).on('click', '.bermuda', function(e){

$(document).on('click', '.bermuda', function(){


The $(this) is exactly the current element where the event was defined.

On the other hand, $( can be either the element where the event is assigned or the child of the current element, where the event was defined.

JQuery Example:

    console.log(; // #teste
    console.log(this); // #document

HTML Example:

   <div id="teste">aqui será clicado</div>

In your case, if .bermuda has any child elements, such as a <p> or an <img/> , when you click on them, the .bermuda event will be called, but return the clicked element, not .bermuda .

That's why in some cases you use event.stopPropagation() , in order to avoid this propagation of the event from the child elements to the parents.

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