What is the difference between Object.create or new Object() in JavaScript?


I'm having a technical question in JavaScript:

  • What is the difference between Object.create and new Object() ?
  • What cases do I have to adopt one over the other?


The Object.create method takes parameters. The first is mandatory and will be used as a prototype of the new object. The second is a map of properties with which an object is already "born".

new Object() is a longer, non-recommended way of saying {} .

The three lines of code below are equivalent:

let a = {}; // legal
let b = new Object(); // coisa de dinossauros pedantes

let c = Object.create(null); // isso pode ser útil se ao invés de nulo
                             //você passar um parâmetro.

The create method can be very useful if you use some more complex logic to create your objects. Again, the two code snippets below are equivalent:

// forma verbosa
let foo = {};
foo.prototype = Array;

let bar = {nome: "john", idade: 21};

for (let propriedade in bar) {
    foo[propriedade] = bar[propriedade];

// forma curta
let foo = Object.create(Array, {nome: "john", idade: 21});
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