terminology – What is Reason?


I recently heard about Reason , but I don't know what it is, some call it a programming language, some call it an OCaml powered syntax, I know it's led by Facebook and it's very good for simple graphics/games apps, besides using JavaScript in syntax, finally, what is this technology about? is it worth learning?


Reason is a language that mixes Ocaml and JavaScript. It is designed to make life easier for JavaScript programmers (so they don't need to learn Ocaml itself) and also to make it easier for the compiler to generate code (Ocaml and JavaScript have some significant differences).

There is a compiler called BuckleScript that compiles from Ocaml/Reason to JavaScript.

On the page I linked it says the following (in free translation):

Reason isn't a new language, it's a new syntax and toolset.

But in practical terms it can be said that it is a new language yes (which purposely has many similarities with Ocaml).

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