apache – What is [QSA] and similar in RewriteRule for?


I have as an example the following RewriteRule ^(Home)?/?$ page/php/Home.php [NC,L]
I know the NC is Non-Case(Não diferencia maiúsculas e minusculas) .
L means that if a RewriteRule is true it stops checking.

But I've seen several examples using QSA too and I haven't found an explanation that clarifies what the QSA means and what it's used for.
So I ask, what does this QSA mean? What is your use? Are there other "operators" (I don't know what they're called) besides these? if yes, what are its uses?


These "operators" are called 'flags' from apache's mod_rewrite

Here is a list of them ( http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/rewrite/flags.html )

[QSA] stands for Query String Append.

Keep the same query string and add var=val to the end of the URI

RewriteRule ^/pagina /pagina?var=val [QSA]

The URI: /site5/ver.php?pagina=1 will be rewritten to /site/ver.php?site=5&pagina=1

RewriteRule /site5(.*) /site/$1?site=5 [QSA]
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