git – What is a pull request for?


I'm working as a team on bitbucket and would like to know what a pull request is for. When should we use this feature.


When you have several people working on the same base of text files, ideally, each person has a copy of the code to work with. Don't just believe what I'm saying, try opening a shared .doc file online and editing it simultaneously with several other people. Then take a bath in coarse salt.

To organize teamwork, a thing called "version control" was created a long time ago. Even today, some older systems like Microsoft's Source Safe and SVN are popular.

Version control systems that use git generally differ from older systems with a very specific feature, called pull request . It's basically a way for you to say: I'm done with my work, I need to integrate it into the main branch, and here's what I did. Using this functionality, a server log is generated (eg GitHub , which is quite popular) that highlights the code differences between the branch you worked on and the branch targeted for delivery. This makes it easy for the repository administrator to review your work. You can also start discussions about specific parts of the changes. Finally, git itself makes it easy to merge the code.

This encourages peer review and orderly teamwork, and in the case of open source projects it encourages community input as well.

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