What does the dog symbol mean in a URL?


Good afternoon.

Interested in this question. Load the data with Ajax so as not to restart the page and work faster, but at the same time somehow save this action so that you can quickly return to it later. I went to Google maps, where there is a url address, then there is an @ sign, after which there are coordinates. The URL changes, but it doesn't actually reload the entire page, and in which case you can copy the link and return to the right place.

Actually the question is: what does the symbol url – @ and # mean? How to assign them to a string and how to count them later?

Thank you.


URL structure:

The URL locator was originally designed as a system for pointing to the location of resources on the web as naturally as possible. The locator had to be easily extensible and use only a limited set of ASCII characters (for example, a space is never used in a URL). In this regard, the following traditional form of URL recording has arisen:


scheme scheme for accessing a resource; in most cases, it means the network protocol

login username used to access the resource

password password of the specified user

host is the fully qualified domain name of the host in the DNS system or the IP address of the host in the form of four groups of decimal numbers separated by dots; numbers are integers in the range from 0 to 255.

port host port to connect to

URL path specifying information about the location of the resource; protocol dependent.

parameters query string with parameters passed to the server (using the GET method). Starts with the character ?, the parameter separator is the & sign. Example: ?parameter_1=value_1&parameter_2=value_2&parameter3=value_3

anchor identifier preceded by #. The anchor can be a heading within the document or an element's id attribute. Using such a link, the browser will open the page and move the window to the specified element.

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