terminology – What does IoT mean in the context of development?


Today we only talk about the Internet of Things. I understand that this is the use of the internet on different devices. The idea is that any object can connect to the internet and benefit from it. Obviously, every IoT object has computational capability.

Is it just internet related? Not IoT if not connected to internet? If that's not what a computational object without internet is called?

What does the IoT care for the developer? Does anything change in development?

If you know specifically, C#, .NET is ready for this?


The question is great. There is no way to talk about IoT without talking about the internet, an IoT project without internet is not IoT, it actually becomes an automated process. This is the main difference between IoT and automation.

IoT is a new acronym, but an old stock. since 1990, IoT has been done in the industry and vehicle monitoring, for example, where the vehicle becomes “Things” that is being monitored. That's why I have my own definition for IoT:

Anything, object, material, that with a smart device you can command it remotely (turn on, turn off, perform functions), or it is possible to execute one of these verbs: Command, Telemeter, Manage, Measure

What does this change in the context of development?

It depends on what context you want to act on your hardware architecture that you will be using. If I am programmer in C # and I use a monitoring board where development is in C, the development context can change radically, I have to learn a new language, a new mind-set schedule, I have no framework to manage, it is unmanage code . If I use boards that support C# and your framework is 50% of the way out, the other 50% are the new classes/objects to access every part digital (True/False) and analog (receive data and information).

In the context of general knowledge and logic, I assure you that knowledge in electronics adds a lot to the process. Have no doubt. in the context of using C# for IOT, I have a taped talk that shows “HelloWord” with .NET MicroframeWork with Netduino (Arduino running .NET) .

Now being more abused if I'm going to use a LattePanda it doesn't change almost anything, as it is a 100% compatible computational miniboard and I can even use Delph7 or VB6 in my project and IoT. It would be abused, but it's a fact.

To finish. All this and the Prototyping Board. Making a REAL and scalable product with these boards is not the way to go. The Way is at the end of your prototyping, hitting your plate or using market products that allow the same development as your prototyping. An example of Modem with Analog and Digital Card created for IoT and that you program in Java for example is this professional product .

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