git – What "checkout" means

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It may be a question about English rather than a question about programming.

In Git, checkout <branch-name> is a command to "check out" to a branch branch-name .
Just like the image of a hotel, I have an intuitive understanding that the brunch corresponds to each room in the hotel, but I think checkout is the term used when leaving the hotel.

Why is the command to enter the branch checkout instead of checkin ?

Answer: Answer:

I had a question similar to English Language & Usage .

According to the answer, the command check out was originally used in an older version control system called RCS, which means to borrow a book (from the library).

Since svn and git inherit only the name of the command, it is difficult to understand the meaning, but in RCS it was a specification that an exclusive lock was applied when check out and it could not be edited by others, so this word is likened to lending a book I think I was using.

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