What better way to make animations for android?


I'm about to start a system for android that has several animations that interact according to what the user does, I would like to know what is the best tool or framework to be able to develop these animations for android?

Some examples of interaction are as follows:

  • There is a character in the system, as if it were a pet, where he can talk, in case a speech bubble appears according to the interaction, this pet can walk.
  • In the background there is an elevator, where the doors of this elevator can open and close, the lights turn on or off, but everything livens up.
  • Another function is to move and resize objects on the screen, example I start with an empty room, and I can add a frame and move that frame to where I want it in the room, and make that frame larger and smaller.


I believe that the best library for working animations on Android is Nineold . It implements the animations based on the ValueAnimators that were introduced in Android 4.0.

But from what you described of your project, it might be worth looking at some Android game engines . Maybe it will make your life easier. For that, I recommend AndEngine or Cocos2d .

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