markup language – What are TTML files?


I saw that there is a file type with an extension similar to HTML, TTML, but I still don't understand them.

  • What are TTML files, and where do I use them?
  • What are the main differences between HTML and TTML? I saw a small snippet on Wikipedia of its syntax, very similar to HTML:

     <tt xmlns=""> <body> <div begin="22s" dur="5s"> <p>I'll teach thee Bugology, Ignatzes</p> </div> <div begin="40s" dur="3s"> <p>Something tells me</p> </div> <div begin="58s" dur="61s"> <p>Look, Ignatz, a sleeping bee</p> </div> </body> </tt>
  • Can these files be opened in the browser? Is it possible to add CSS and JS to these files?


It is a markup format for texts that need information on the time they should be used. Do you know the subtitles that people get to watch their favorite series as they launch in their home countries or watch their pirated movies? Usually they use the srt format, so there's as much time as the text to be displayed next. TTML is slightly different but serves the same purpose and is standardized by the W3C .

HTML is a language for building web pages, TTML is for various subtitles, in general in audiovisual products. Gradually the software will support it, you can make a software that supports this format, either to generate it or to interpret it.

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