php – WebSocket и https


Guys help with the settings for the https connection.
There are settings for the ws:// protocol:

sockethost = ''
socketport = '8080'

sockethost = 'localhost'
socketport = '8080'

Everything works fine on http , as soon as you set up https and use the wss:// protocol wss:// stopped working.

I also use домен.зона and port 443 when connecting to the server, I also set port 443 , but knocks out an error:

Warning: socket_bind (): unable to bind address [13]: Permission denied

And if I try to raise the server on any other port, the server rises, but when I try to connect from the client, it throws an error:

WebSocket connection to 'wss: // domain zone: 2424 /' failed: Error in connection establishment: net :: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Certificate (not self-signed as the sysadmin said) is a certificate from but it's free.

I don’t understand why this can happen, I’ve already searched through the entire Internet, nothing helps.

Perhaps we are doing something wrong, please help.

How to raise the server correctly and what to write in the client?


The problem is with the free certificate.

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