webservice rest to receive an xml in delphi


Good afternoon.
A customer wants to send me an .xml file
I created a DataSnap Rest Application project.
I implemented the method as follows for JSON

function TFo_SM_Fornecedor.updateFornecedor(TObjJson: TJsonObject): TJsonValue;
  Fornecedor: TFornecedor;
  Fornecedor := TJson.JsonToObject<TFornecedor>(TObjJson.toJson);
    Result := TJSONString.Create('Incluindo Cliente..: ' +

To receive a TJsonObject type works perfectly.
But as I said at the beginning I will receive an .xml.
I've done several codes in delphi to receive an xml and put the values ​​in the base, but it's the first time I have to develop a server and I don't have a direction.
Can any of the colleagues give me a light? At first (a few days ago) I'm trying to change the line parameter

function TFo_SM_Supplier.updateSupplier(TObjJson: TJsonObject):

for something like

function TFo_SM_Supplier.updateSupplier(pFile_XML: TStringTream):

But I'm unsuccessful. If any of you can provide me with a light, I would appreciate it.


I don't think I need to change the parameter, you could receive the xml as a String without problems, it would just be enough to identify a specific field in json…

I think of something sent to you like:

    "xml": "todo xml aqui"

Your function would receive a simple json and test if the key is "xml" treat it as xml, if not keep doing what you already do…

This I have implemented and it works perfectly for various file formats and my API.

To send me an image I request it to be a String, or a base64, to send me an MP3 send me a String, the requester converts it into TStringTream and sends me the bytes into String.

On my side I just recognize the key.

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