visual-studio – Visual Studio 2015 + Windows 10 – Tab key not working


After installing on Windows 10 VS2015, indentation by the Tab button does not work. When clicked in the code editor, it starts scrolling through the Code Lens entries for the methods.


When you try to assign a key, it also fails, "scrolls" over the buttons. For some reason, the InsertTab action is assigned only to the Windows Forms designer and the Reports designer. Other keys are assigned normally.


The problem is not in the keyboard, it works everywhere except VS2015. The problem was reproduced first on the working computer VS2015, then after updating Windows to the 10th – and on the home one. The studio is clean with no additional extensions. Studio and Windows licensed everywhere, installed from the original MSDN image. How can normal behavior be restored? Can't work without indentation.

UPD 1: There was a suspicion that this could be connected with an MSDN account? (Through which the settings are synchronized) Because no one could find a one-to-one problem with a search on the Internet.


Apparently on the ms server during synchronization, something was written crookedly. The problem was solved by exporting hotkey settings. In the settings through the notepad, I manually corrected the ShortCut, added the Tab key for the Edit.InsertTab command.

Then I imported the settings back.

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