Virtual hosts configuration in vagrant homestead/laravel


I'm starting in Laravel and would like to organize my development environment using some " hosts " for my projects. I created the first project in laravel and after suffering a bit with its installation, it worked like a charm. Then I started a new project, set up homestead.yaml and my system hosts , but when I try to access it through the browser it still points to the first project. I tried to stop the artisan server but the problem continued, I searched the internet and the solutions I found didn't work. I use ubuntu 16.04 and laravel 5.2 with homestaed ( vagrant/virtualbox ). Below I transcribe part of the hosts and Homestead.ymal files so you can have an idea of ​​how they were configured. I ask friends for help in trying to solve this problem. Thanks.

# vagrant hosts
ip: ""
- map: /home/<user>/Dropbox/Projetos/Laravel-PHP/Projetos
to: /home/vagrant/Code
- map:
to: /home/vagrant/Code/Laravel/public
- map:
to: /home/vagrant/Code/ApiTeste/public


Dude, you need to give the vagrant init command inside your project folder. After that, a file called vagrantfile will be generated. You need to open this file and box the homestead in it. I believe you have already done this with the first project.

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