html5 – Video scalability


How are things going with html5 video support in different browsers? Does this problem still exist? I can't find up-to-date information.

Task: So that when the browser window is resized, the video window will be dynamically reduced. I am currently using mediaelementplayer js. It does not accept percentage values. More precisely, it accepts them when creating an element, and after that it does not change the value. I tried to insert a crutch to resize based on $(window).resize(); but it's not that simple. If you make changes to the width there, then in the embed element the video becomes chopped off, i.e. the width of the element changes, but the picture is not in it.

Are there any options for getting around embed? or other use cases for plugins or the like.

I would be glad to receive any information. Thanks in advance.


  1. Things are good.
  2. For all such objects for stretching and shrinking, you can write the dimensions in css.
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