javascript – Validate phone and cell number


I am validating a field that can be a telephone number or cell phone number, but at the moment of placing the value it accepts me from 7 to 9, I want it to be validated only if it has 7 or 9 characters. How can i fix it?



$(document).ready(function () {

var telefono = $("#campo_telefono")

var expreg = /\d{7,9}/;

if (expreg.test(telefono))
    alert("El telefono es correcta");
    alert("El telefono NO es correcta"); 


This expression is valid: only digits from 0 to 9 and between braces ({N, M}) range of number of digits; example: 7 to 9 digits.


If you only need a number of digits; example: only 7 digits.


If you need exact number of digits; example: only 7 or 9 digits.

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