Uso do ACL no CakePHP


After a lot of research, I didn't find a satisfactory answer. I would like your opinion and/or tip regarding the use of ACL in CakePHP.

I've seen some plugins that "help" with this issue, but I haven't found any dynamic enough.

Some say that doing it "by hand" is better, others say that using plugins is better, in short, ACL is not complex, but for a system with dozens of groups and thousands of users it is complicated to organize things. That's why I'm looking for a plugin that really makes this task more practical and dynamic, or if necessary I'll make one for that, but before I get down to business, I'd like your opinion.


So man, really the most automatic tools for using/managing Acl are missing. I work with Acl in my projects, and the only tools I use for it are the Cake Acl Shell (native to the framework) and the AclExtras plugin which hasn't received any updates since 2013.

I'm still not fully acquainted with the 3.x Acl version but from what I've seen there haven't been many changes.

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