Usar OpenCV no ubuntu c++


I'm using Ubuntu with OpenCV to develop a computer vision method, before I used OpenCV in windows and put the following configuration in qtCreator to recognize OpencCV.

INCLUDEPATH += "C:\OpenCV-QT\install\include"
LIBS += -L"C:\OpenCV-QT\install\x86\mingw\bin" \
    libopencv_core320 \
    libopencv_highgui320 \
    libopencv_videoio320 \
    libopencv_imgcodecs320 \
    libopencv_imgproc320 \
    libopencv_features2d320 \

In Ubuntu I put both in the /home/daniel/ directory and in the root(/), how do I put the ubuntu path in the qt like that of windows?


Probably because qt doesn't find the libraries in this path it said, when I installed opencv here, these files were in "/usr/local/lib", try this: use this path for .so and /usr/local /include/opencv for .hpp

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