Uppercase first letter in Java


I have a very simple question that I do not know if it can be done as I think, and I feel if the question is too obvious for you, I am starting to program.

I have the following code:

String nombre;


Is there a way that when collecting name, it automatically transforms it with the first letter in uppercase and the others in lowercase?

So if I enter aLberTo , the program actually picks up Alberto .

Greetings and thanks in advance.


This is a quick way, getting the character in the first position using the charAt () method and converting it to uppercase using toUpperCase () :


you concatenate this value to the original string value, removing the first character, which is the one you previously converted to uppercase, using the substring () method:

nombre.substring(1, nombre.length())  //Elimina el primer carácter.

This would be an example:

String nombre = "leopard56";
String resultado = nombre.toUpperCase().charAt(0) + nombre.substring(1, nombre.length()).toLowerCase();
System.out.println("resultado : " + resultado );     

the output would be:

resultado : Leopard56

To perform the transformation directly on the line,


you can use a method;

public static String toMayusculas(String valor) {
    if (valor == null || valor.isEmpty()) {
        return valor;
    } else {       
        return  valor.toUpperCase().charAt(0) + valor.substring(1, valor.length()).toLowerCase();

and call it before storing the value

nombre = toMayusculas(in.nextLine());
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