android – Update an app already uploaded to the play-store


I have an app uploaded to the play-store Google, which have been updated several times without problems. While I was creating the update from the existing code with Eclipse , every time I tested my application on my mobile, it deleted the old one and the new one was installed. And when I uploaded it to the play-store , it did the same with all the people who had the app installed. so far so good.

The problem comes now:

I recently installed Adroid Studio , to create an update for my app, but this time I want to rewrite all the code from scratch. And I have noticed that every time I test the application while I am creating it, it is installed correctly, but it does not delete the one that is installed that I had already downloaded from the play-store . With which it does not replace the previous application but leaves the two applications installed.

How can I make my re-created application with minor modifications replace the old one?


Yes, this is perfectly in line with the Google Play application update process.

Google-play determines that a request is an update based on two criteria:

1 – The name of the application package.

2 – Your version code

To be considered an update, your new application must have exactly the same name as the old package ("com.example.myapp"), and its android:versionCode has to be higher, in its AndroidManifest.xml file. Of course, the APK must be signed with the private key of your account, just like any application published under your account.

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