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I'm using ANGULARJS/UI-ROUTES , and currently my application only has the email after logging in, I need the logged in user ID to also come. The issue of routes I can get, the problem is that he doesn't see the ID to be able to bring it. I believe the problem could be with my claims ?

follows code.

This is where I pass the id (which is null, because "user" only sees the email)

<li ng-show="user"><a ui-sref="perfil({})">OLÁ, <em>{{ user }}</em></a></li>

Here is my controller that I try to get the id of the parameter I pass, but it only comes null because the is null

angular.module('scases').controller('PerfilCtrl', PerfilCtrl);

PerfilCtrl.$inject = ['$scope', 'UserFactory', '$stateParams'];

function PerfilCtrl($scope, UserFactory, $stateParams) {

    $ = $stateParams.userId;

My real question is: Where am I going to get the user id logged in, if when I log in, only the email comes?


Try using this ui-sref="perfil({userId: '{{}}'})" . Check if this state waits for the userId parameter.

 .state('perfil', { url: '/perfil', templateUrl: 'perfil.html', controller: 'Perfil', params: { userId: null } })

To get the user id, you must create a service that returns the data you need. After obtaining these data, store them in the localstorage and create a service to make this data available to you.


angular.module('app').service('UsuarioService', UsuarioService);

UsuarioService.$inject = ['Restangular'];

function UsuarioService(Restangular) {
    var service = {
        getUsuario: function () {
            var promise ='usuarios').get();

            promise.then(function (response) {
                window.localStorage.setItem('usuario', JSON.stringify(;

            return promise;
        getUsuarioFromLocalStorage: function () {
            return JSON.parse(window.localStorage.getItem('usuario'));

    return service;
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