Ubuntu go to the folder with the name in Russian


How to navigate to a folder with a Russian name in Ubuntu in console mode (English only)?


options without reconfiguring input means:

  1. run (by pre-installing, if not installed, and there is such a possibility) any file manager: mc , lfm , vifm , ranger , etc.
  2. if vim installed (not vi !) and you need to edit a file, then you can use it as a file manager: vim . – the program will run in netrw mode (by default, this script seems to be installed in ubuntu ), where you can "go" to any file / directory.

    hitting enter will be interpreted as cd for a directory, and opening it for editing for a file.

  3. if emacs installed, you can use its dired – directory editor package.

  4. in the most extreme (but absolutely universal) case, you can use the cd "$(...)" construction, where instead of ... should be a command that returns the name of the required directory (quotes are needed for those cases when the directory name contains spaces).

    this can be, for example, the command ls | sed -n 2p , where 2 is the desired directory number in the ls output.

    you can see the numbered output of ls , for example, like this:

     $ ls | nl 1 bin 2 boot 3 dev 4 etc ...

    i.e., to go to the boot directory, you need to run:

     $ cd "$(ls | sed -n 2p)"
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