sql – Two connection strings authenticating with the credentials of the current user and another Windows user


I have in my web.config two connection strings like so:

    <add name="myConnectionString"
         connectionString="Data Source=PC1; 
                           Initial Catalog=BD; 
                           Integrated Security=SSPI"
    <add name="myConnectionString2"
         connectionString="Data Source=PC2; 
                           Initial Catalog=BD2; 
                           Integrated Security=False;
                           User Id=usuario;

First connection string:¨

I can connect with the first connection, which is a database on my localhost with my user using windows authentication.

Second connection string:¨

The second connection is to a database on another server that I run as another Windows user . In the second case, Integrated Security = False . I send the key as "clean" text, without encryption.

When I run it on SQL Server as another user, I enter the credentials and I do have access.


How should the connection string be passed so that it accepts the other user's credentials?


I think you only have 2 options:

1.- Add the user that executes your application (user of the application group of the website in IIS) in the session permissions of the second DB.

2.- Change the user that runs your application to the user with session permission in the DB.

I hope that helps you.

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