delphi – TWebBrowser – is it possible to change the engine from IE to some other?


I got the idea to write Desktop-applications from all sorts of different web-scripts, ala "currency rates on the desktop" or "weather outside the window". But in my web applications I have used a lot of CSS3 which is clearly not supported by IE. (I have IE ver.8 installed).

So, I would like not to force the user to update an entire Web browser from Microsoft Corporation because of a small program with two digits, but on the developer's side, replace the engine in the TWebBrowser component so that it renders HTML like normal browsers. Those. so that the software does not depend on IE.

Is this possible? Or do you need to find and install an alternative for TWebBrowser?


As mentioned earlier, TWebBrowser can be run in compatibility mode for one of the IE versions. Here you can see what keys you need to register in the registry to enable the corresponding mode.

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